Guest Info

Guest Info/Policies

The Daniel Island Club is for the exclusive use of its members and their guests. We look forward to welcoming you to the Club as a guest and have outlined some specifics as they relate to our dress code, cell phone use, tipping and other topics that may make your visit more enjoyable. The Club expects all members and guests to adhere to these standards.

Dress Code: Golf Courses


  • Slacks or khakis shorts
  • Shirts with sleeves and a collar, turtleneck or mock turtle
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times
  • Hats must be worn appropriately (Bill Forward)
  • Not Permitted: T-shirts, tank tops, cargo shorts, denim blue jeans
  • Golf shoes may not have metal spikes


  • Slacks or cropped pants
  • Bermuda shorts, skorts, or skirts that are no shorter than four (4) inches above the knee
  • Shirts with sleeves and/or collars (formal shell permitted)
  • Tops tucked in unless designed to be worn otherwise
  • Golf shoes may not have metal spikes
  • Not Permitted: T-shirts, halter tops, tank tops, spandex or tops exposing midriff, or denim blue jeans

Cell Phone Policy

  • Use is permitted around the property
  • Discretion and courtesy are expected


  • Permitted only in parking lots and on the golf courses

Payment Options

  • Cash is not accepted as a form of payment
  • The Club does not accept Member credit cards
  • Guests of Members may use credit cards in all areas of the Club when necessary


  • Tipping is permitted in all areas of the club for employees

Golf Course Etiquette


  • Repair all ball marks on greens

Golf Carts

  • Golf carts should be driven on cart paths unless daily play allows for 90 degree rule
  • Golf carts must remain on paths on all par 3 holes
  • Adhere to all directional signage


  • Use sand to refill all divots


  • Smooth out all footprints and imperfections after playing from bunkers
  • Golfers should click the sand off their shoes when exiting a bunker and before walking on the green
  • Rakes should be left in the bunker perpendicular to the bunker edge with the handle outside the bunker

Speed of Play

  • All play is expected to be completed in less than four hours and ten minutes.
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