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Team Member and Community Engagement

There are many opportunities for engagement both while at work and in the community. We provide opportunities in the community and at work to increase their involvement,  provide training/education to enrich their personal and professional development, and support team building while having fun.

Some engagement activities include: 

  • Community Activities (Operation Home Project, Neighborhood House,  HALOS Holiday Giving )
  • New Team Member Orientation
  • Health and Wellness
    • Monthly Wellness Education
    • Planned Seminar/Webinar Events
  • Communication (Message Board)
  • Career Development Seminars/Webinars
  • Years of Service Awards
  • Birthdays
  • KUDOS (Spot Recognition)
    • From Members
    • Peer to Peer
    • Management (Team Member of the Quarter, Team Member of the Year)
  • Safety Training
  • Right to Know
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